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Having identified in 1984 a growing demand for a nitrated diesel fuel Cetane Improver, SNPE first began production of 2-EHN at its Sorgues production facility (France).

When EURENCO was created in 2004 as an SNPE subsidiary, it was also trusted with the development of this activity.

Close to 30 years after it started, the production of Cetane Improver is a fully integrated and vital part of the Sorgues manufacturing complex.

In November 2012, anticipating the growing need for fuel additives offering both technical and economical advantages, EURENCO launched a new brand to promote its 2-EHN solution and meet the strong market demands worldwide: VeryOne Cetane Improver.


Relying on more than 7,800 metric tons of North American product storage, as well as an annual capacity of 75,000 metric tons of Cetane Improver, VeryOne is the world leading 2-EHN manufacturer.

More information on the VeryOne website.