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Combustible modular cases

With other 15 years of expertise in compositions, geometries and processes, EURENCO deploys cutting-edge technologies to research, design, develop and produce combustible modular cases for 155mm artillery ammunition

_MG_3116 copie These cylindrical cases are made with different assembling modes (linkable or un-linkable), according to the needs.

For the CAESAR self-propelled howitzer (155mm L52), EURENCO manufactures the containers for:

  • Linkable Bottom Charge Modules (BCM), using 1 or 2 modules;
  • Linkable Top Charge Modules (TCM), with 3 to 6 modules.

Made up of Kraft fibres and nitrocellulose, these compositions allow for better combustibility and enough mechanical resistance for manual or automatic loading.

Anti-wear additive and anti-migration agents can be directly added to the container composition, in order to reduce barrel erosion and ensure high security level when firing.

Solvent-less painting is also available in agreement with customers’ needs for protection and identification of the modules.