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Modular Artillery Charges

EURENCO teamed up with NEXTER Munitions to develop, industrialize and qualify modular charges for 155mm L39 to L52 artillery guns, such as the CAESAR self-propelled howitzer (155mm L52):

  • Linkable Bottom Charge Modules (BCM) for zones 1 and 2;
  • Linkable Top Charge Modules (TCM) for zones 3 to 6.

In addition to advanced combustible cases, EURENCO also provides single and multi base propellants for these modules.



MRI_7920 To support this production, EURENCO is equipped with a fully automated and continuous workshop for the manufacturing of artillery modular charges. This compact unit is divided into three different areas, to ensure an optimum safety level:

  • Mass production of combustible modular cases;
  • Finishing operations of modular cases;
  • Loading, assembling and packing of artillery modular charges.

EURENCO also partners with other customers to develop linkable BCM and TCM charges for specific programs.