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EURENCO developed an innovative film, made up of nitrocellulose, and called Nitrofilm. It provides many advantages compared with conventional Celluloid:

  • Excellent mechanical properties and chemical stability;
  • Lower level of solvent residue (< 2%);
  • Resistant to water and severe weather conditions;
  • Enhanced flexibility, transparency, thermoplasticity, combustibility and inflammability.

EURENCO’s Nitrofilm is mainly used as horseshoe containers for 60mm, 81mm and 120mm mortar ammunition. However, it also finds applications as pyrotechnical devices to suit specific needs.


Transparent or colored, EURENCO’s Nitrofilm is available in rolls or sheets of different sizes and thickness (from 0,10mm to 0,30mm).

It can be easily modelled by cutting, gluing and forming, to provide several shapes on request (containers, disks, cases, increments, pyrotechnical igniters…).

EURENCO’s Nitrofilm can also be reinforced with nylon (Cellunyl®) to increase its mechanical resistance without altering its combustibility qualities.