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Relying on two production plants in Sorgues (France) and Karlskoga (Sweden), EURENCO’s Explosives Division develops, manufactures and provides a unique range of products for the Defence & Security market:

  • High Explosives and Compositions – for pressed, melt-cast & cast PBX charges and pyrotechnical devices;
  • Other Energetic Molecules – laboratories and multi-purpose units contribute to the development and scale-up of new energetic molecules;
  • Loading of Insensitive Munitions – shell ammunition, missile warheads, general purpose bombs, torpedoes, underwater mines and fuse boosters;
  • Linear Cutting Charges – for explosive ordnance disposal and specific cutting work;
  • Base Bleed Grains – for extended range artillery ammunition;
  • Reactive Armour Kits – for light and heavy armoured vehicles.