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Base Bleed Grains

By reducing the low-pressure drag at the base of artillery shell during the ballistic trajectory, base bleed components answer to modern artillery system requirements for extended range ammunition: the projectile range can be enhanced up to 30% without reduction in accuracy, inherent in other existing range-enhancing systems.
Developed for artillery ammunition, base bleed grains units bring numerous advantages:

  • Adaptation of the grain geometry to all different shell types;
  • High level of mechanical properties;
  • Small humidity influence;
  • Good aging;
  • Low vulnerability;
  • Excellent grain homogeneity.


_MRI2684 At the leading edge in this field, EURENCO‚Äôs base bleed units use an exclusive pressing technology and are adaptable to all types of shells and calibres: associated to a suitable igniter, Base Bleed grains can be fitted on various artillery shells (155mm, 105mm, 122mm, 130mm…).

Today, EURENCO is able to answer any customer demand to improve range and accuracy of artillery shells by providing the most suitable base bleed grain type.

EURENCO also provides associated ignition systems.