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EURENCO provides standard Cast PXB formulations, ready to use, for ammunition manufacturers.

_8MR8044 Cast PBX charges are obtained by mixing energetic charges with binders and plasticizers. The choice of these components depends on the best trade-off between performance, vulnerability and costs required.The explosive material is characterized by low porosity and high homogeneity, which results in:

  • Excellent thermal and thermo-mechanical stability;
  • Very long life duration (no cracks or exudation);
  • Low vulnerability to intentional or accidental threats;
  • Reliability and process reproducibility;
  • High performances adapted to every type of application.

As they are intrinsically less sensitive than pressed or melt-cast formulations, Cast PBX compositions are used for the loading of Insensitive Munitions.

The use of Cast PBX facilitates logistics (storage, transportation, handling, etc.) while providing top level performance.