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EURENCO-produced HMX represents the best choice for high quality and performance. Due to its high energetic power, it is used in a variety of military applications:

  • Melt-cast, pressed and cast PBX charges for munitions
  • Detonating and non-detonating cords
  • Energetic fillers in high performance solid grain propellants


EURENCO is also able to manufacture highly purified HMX, which results in high thermal stability and significant reduction of shock sensitivity.

All standard HMX particle sizes are available, as well as specific grades on request.

(Cristalliseur HMX) (EURENCO octobre 2012 / Suède) Product description:

  • Chemical names : Octogen, HMX,         Cyclotetramethylenetetranitramine, Octahydro-1,3,5,7-tetranitro-1,3,5,7-tetrazocine
  • CAS number: 2691-41-0
  • Chemical formula: C4H8N8O8
  • CE Marking
  • HMX qualities matching the MIL-DTL-45444C and STANAG 4284 specifications:
    • Standard particle sizes: class 1 to class 5,
    • Specific grades available on request, more particularly air-milled micronic material.
  • HMX-based compositions available according to NATO standard or customer-tailored specifications:
    • Melt-cast compositions (Octol 70/30, Octol 75/25,…)
    • Pressed composition (HMX Wax, PBXN-3, PBXN-5, PBXN-9,…)


Product characteristics:

  • Heat of combustion: -2820 ± 2.8 kJ/mol solid phase
  • Deflagration point: 287 °C
  • Detonation velocity, confined: 9 100 m/s (1.9 g/cm3)
  • Volume of detonation gases: 927 l/kg
  • Impact sensitivity: 7.5 J
  • Friction sensitivity: 120 N
  • Critical diameter of steel sleeve test: 8 mm
  • Water gap sensitivity is also improved from 30 to 40 kBar when using EURENCO’s HMX in PBXN-110.
(Granulés HMX) (EURENCO octobre 2012 / Suède)