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EURENCO produces RDX by the Woolwich or Bachmann process. Used in a wide range of compositions, RDX represents the best solution for both performance and cost.

Available in all standard grain sizes, RDX is used in a variety of military applications:

  • Melt-cast and pressed explosive ammunition
  • Cast PBX charges for insensitive munitions
  • Energetic charges for LOVA composite propellants
  • Pyrotechnics (cap-relay explosives, cutting cords, detonators, boosters)

Product description:

  • Chemical names: Hexogen, RDX, Cyclonite, Hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine
  • CAS number: 121-82-4
  • Chemical formula: C3H6N6O6
  • RDX qualities according to MIL-DTL-398 D specifications:
    • Standard particle sizes: Class 1 to class 5
    • Specific grades available on request.
  • RDX-based compositions available according to NATO standard or customer-tailored specifications:
    • Melt-cast compositions (RDX-TNT, Comp B,…)
    • Pressed compositions (RDX-wax, RDX-binder, Comp A3, Comp A4, Comp A5, Hexal, PBXN-7,…)
    • Premix of plasticized compositions for Cast PBX (CXM7,…)










Product characteristics:

  • Crystal density: 1.82 g/cm3
  • Heat of combustion: -2092.0 ± 2.1 kJ/mol solid phase
  • Detonation velocity, confined: 8 750 m/s (1.76 g/cm3)
  • Volume of detonation gases: 900 l/kg
  • Impact sensitivity: 7.5 J
  • Friction sensitivity: 120 N
  • Critical diameter of steel sleeve test: 8 mm

Hexogène cristallisé