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Medium & Large Caliber Ammunition

Since 2006, EURENCO is equipped with a workshop for the mass production of cast plastic-bonded explosive (PBX) charges for artillery, tank and mortar shells at its Sorgues plant, in France.


The facility uses a new process for continuous production of cast PBX charges, called the « bi-component » process. This unique revolutionary process is protected by an international patent. Designed and developed by SNPE and EURENCO since the mid-1990s, it combines the product performance and insensitivity now required for land and naval munitions, with very competitive costs for mass-scale production.This new workshop joins the cast PBX facilities already operating at EURENCO‚Äôs Sorgues plant for small and medium production runs.

EURENCO is the uncontested world leader in cast PBX charges for Insensitive Munitions, with more than 35 years of experience and products used in all areas: missile warheads, general purpose and penetrator bombs, and navy and army shells.

With this new workshop, EURENCO further consolidates its leadership in the supply of cast PBX charges for all types of weapon systems.