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EURENCO is equipped with a pilot-scale production of crystalline ADN. Milled (fine fraction) crystals and Prilled (spherical particles) could be supplied. Milled and Prilled ADN products are normally supplied with anti-caking agent.

Smokeless propulsion of missiles has a great military value. It is a serious tactical drawback if the signature from the propellant will guide the enemy to the launching site of a rocket weapon.

ADN is a new oxidant that burns without secondary smoke and provides a higher impulse, compared with ammonium perchlorate (AP) for instance. Its performance can be compared to CL-20 and HNF, with lower prices.

Due to these characteristics, AND can be used as:

  • A potential replacement for AP in composite rocket motor propellants, for surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles and space shuttles;
  • A liquid mono propellant for rocket motors in replacement of hydrazine, for rocket motors used in spacecraft propulsion (non-carcinogenic, higher performance, reduced risks and costs);
  • An oxidizer and high explosive in depth charges, such as underwater ammunition (torpedoes, underwater mines, etc.): ADN, combined with Al, has shown to outperform compositions of AP/RDX/Al type in terms of higher bubble energies for depth charges.


_8MR0984 Product description:

  • Trade name: ADN
  • Chemical name: ammonium dinitramide
  • Chemical formula: NH4+N3O4-
  • Purity: minimum 98%
  • Strong oxidizer and high explosive with 3 qualities:
    • Crystalline ADN
    • Prilled and coated ADN
    • Special ultra-pure grade for spacecraft application
  • ADN is also compatible with different polymeric binders and can be cured with some isocyanates.


Product characteristics:

  • Density: 1.8183 g/cm3
  • Melting point: 92 °C
  • Heat of formation: -148 kJ/mole
  • Heat of combustion: 980 kJ/mole
  • Vacuum stability at 85°C/40h: 0.88 ml/g (0.33 ml/g for prilled ADN)
  • Drop weight sensitivity: 31 cm (RDX: 38 cm) and 40 cm for prilled ADN
  • Friction sensitivity (ISF): > 350 N
  • Impact sensitivity (ISI) : 3-4 J
  • Auto-ignition temperature: 160°C
  • Detonation velocity: Approx. 7000 m/s