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GAP DIOL is an energetic resin based on a polyether diol, and grafted with azido energetic groups in the chain. The presence of an azido group N3 in the chain leads to:

  • Higher impulse and detonation velocity due to the higher heat of formation of the molecule;
  • Higher burning rate, especially with AP;
  • High gas yield (for gas generators).


GAP DIOL is used as a binder in energetic materials, such as:

  • High energetic composite rocket propellant grains;
  • Cast PBX charges ;
  • LOVA propellants ;
  • Gas generators for automotive safety;
  • Energetic materials for pyrotechnic devices and systems.


Product description:

  • Trade name: GAP DIOL
  • Chemical name: glycidyl azide polymer
  • Chemical formula: HO-(CH2-CH(CH2N3)O)n-H


Product characteristics:

  • Density: 1.24 – 1.29
  • Impact sensitivity (ISI): 41 J
  • Mean molecular weight: ~ 2000