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Reactive Armour Kits

EURENCO provides a wide range of reactive armour kits, applicable to main battle tanks (MBT) and armoured personnel carriers (APC).

The missions of armoured vehicles as defensive and interposition forces in urban operations make them vulnerable targets and require their enhanced protection.

Intensive research in Cast PBX technology and in internal design, to optimize the configuration of various materials, has enabled EURENCO to develop ERA add-on tiles, extremely efficient against RPG’s and AP projectiles:

  • Infantry rockets and antitank missile warheads: medium calibre (RPG-7, LAW…) and large calibre  (BASIC TOW, MILAN, I-TOW…) shaped charge munitions;
  • Small and medium calibre Armour Piercing ammunition (API, APDS…);
  • Fragments from artillery or mortar.
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