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X-Dough has been used by the Swedish army since just after World War II. It has a perfect track record for safety, long term storing and practical use.

Today it is widely used in different parts of the world for demolition, destruction of mines, demilitarization or as main fill in hand grenades.

Another application is the mining industry: plastic explosives are manufactured as cartridges and used to boost slurry explosives in mining and construction works.

A detonation can be initiated and maintained in a layer of 3mm thickness, which is significantly lower than for C4. It is also easier to mould by hand, and maintains outstanding malleability at all temperatures.

_8MR0571 (PETN) Product description:

  • Composition: PETN 86% and 14% binder
  • Chemical marking agent according to International Convention
  • Supplied as bulk in drums, “butter boxes” from 0.5 to 2kg or 125g cartridges
  • Color: yellow
  • CE marked
  • Transport classification 1.1.D


Product characteristics:

  • Critical diameter: 3mm
  • Ignitibility: cap # 6 or detonating cord 5 g/m
  • Density: ~1.5 g/cm3
  • Detonation velocity: 7600 – 7900 m/s
  • Explosive heat: 5 MJ/kg
  • Static spark sensibility: > 726 mJ
  • Impact sensitivity: 25 J
  • Deflagration onset: 180°C
  • Trauzl value 330-340 cm3
  • Adhesion to vertical surfaces
  • Shelf life: 20 years under normal storage conditions