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Oil & Gas Extraction

The permanent goal for oil drilling companies is to increase the yield of oil wells.

During the phase of completion, shaped charges are used to perforate the metal casing of the well at great depth and regular intervals, in order to admit the influx of oil.

Heat resistance is an important characteristic of the explosives used for perforating deep oil wells, since the temperature in a drilled hole increases with the depth. The same requirements exist in the gas industry.Using its thorough experience in high explosives and propellants, originally dedicated exclusively to the military market, EURENCO has constantly applied itself to extend applications for its products through its development and production means.It has, for many years, worked in close partnership with shaped charge manufacturers and produced heat resistant explosives suited for the oil & gas industry.Today, EURENCO continues to provide high explosives for such perforating charges.

Particular requests for new energetic molecules can be studied in EURENCO’s multipurpose plants