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DADNPO is a new explosive which can tolerate temperatures about 40°C higher than HNS, with the same degree of degradation. This explosive can therefore be used in hotter holes than HNS shaped charges for oil well completion, with equal performance.

EURENCO can provide sample quantities of this compound through small-scale production.

Product description:

  • Trade name: DADNPO
  • Chemical name: (2,6-dinitro 3,5-diamino pyridine-N-oxide)
  • Chemical formula: C5H5N5O5
  • Crystalline powder suitable for pressed compositions


Product characteristics:

  • Detonation velocity: Approx. 7000 m/s
  • Volume of detonation gases: 700 l/kg
  • Auto-ignition temperature: > 350 °C
  • Friction sensitivity (ISF): > 350 N
  • Impact sensitivity (ISI): 19 J
  • Vacuum stability: 8.4 ml/g*h at 282°C (42.1 for HNS)