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Rail Hardening

Manufacturers of rail equipment need to harden the rails in order to make them more resistant to external stress caused by the recurrent passage of trains. It is particularly necessary for crossings, which are subject to greater shocks and stress (turnouts, etc.).

This can be done mechanically – which requires sufficient know-how and resources to be able to look after railway tracks on a regular basis – or through an explosion. The powerful shock that results from the latter toughens the rail much more efficiently and durably.

_MG_8122 copie As an explosive manufacturer, EURENCO developed an explosive specifically designed for this type of applications, according to characteristics defined by rail equipment companies such as Vosslow Cogifer.EURENCO also developed its own techniques to apply explosive for this application, and provides all necessary services related to the completion of this work: reception and preparation of railway tracks, application of custom-made explosive sheet, and detonation.

EURENCO has the advantage of being able to rely on its Baussenq facility, providing access to both storage and a detonating range.