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Using either cotton linters or wood pulp as raw materials, EURENCO manufactures different grades of energetic nitrocellulose for the production of propellants (for all calibre ammunition), propelling charges and dynamite.

Located in Bergerac (France), the nitrocellulose plant is operated by MANUCO, a joint venture between EURENCO and MAXAM Chem.

8MR_3020 EURENCO provides 3 kinds of energetic nitrocellulose:

  • With high nitrogen content (gun cotton);
  • With low nitrogen content (pyrocellulose);
  • A blend of both high and low nitrogen content.

Custom-made nitrocellulose can also be manufactured to meet any military standard.

Inheriting Bergerac NC’s extensive know-how and understanding of quality, safety and environmental stakes related to this product, EURENCO is able to offer technical assistance as well as R&D capacities.

EURENCO’s energetic nitrocellulose can be packed in crates, barrels, or 100% recyclable Kraft paper boxes.

More information on the MANUCO website.