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Created in January 2004 from the merger between SNPE Explosives & Propellants, NEXPLO Bofors and NEXPLO Vihtavuori, EURENCO inherited its parents’ centuries of in-depth knowledge of energetic materials.

Widely acknowledged for its high level of expertise and know-how in chemical synthesis and transformation of energetic molecules, EURENCO develops, manufactures and provides a largely diversified range of cutting-edge energetic materials for both the defence and the commercial markets.

A leading European company for military explosives, propellants and combustible items, EURENCO also provides explosives for the civil sector (oil & gas perforation, mining), and owns the world’s largest production capacity for 2-EHN (diesel fuel additive).

Laboratories, pilot workshops, multi-purpose units and large scale facilities, all contribute to strengthening EURENCO’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities, allowing small scale to mass production.

A favoured partner of major companies worldwide, EURENCO aims to constantly enhance its flexibility and reactivity to provide a tailor-made service for common success.

On December 20th, 2013, Groupe SNPE (mother company of EURENCO) was acquired by GIAT Industries (parent company of the NEXTER Group).