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Supported by 2 production plants in Clermont (Belgium) and Karlskoga (Sweden), EURENCO’s Propellants activity is equipped with modern manufacturing facilities, ensuring both flexibility and large-scale production.

EURENCO manufactures and provides a large scope of propellants for both civil and military applications:

  • Single and multi-base propellants for small to large calibre ammunition, mortar increments, recoilless antitank weapons, reloading powders and hunting & sporting cartridges;
  • Low vulnerability (LOVA) propellants for insensitive propelling charges;
  • Spherical powders for military small arms ammunition, hunting & sporting and other industrial applications.

Highly qualified employees, continuous development of both products and production technology, together with an emphasis on safety, efficiency and controlled characteristics, have brought EURENCO to be one of the world leading companies in the propellant business.

EURENCO also launched its new website completely dedicated to small caliber propellants : www.SmallCaliberPropellants.com.