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2018/07/02 EURENCO announces the creation of its new subsidiary, VeryOne

The EURENCO group, European leader in energetic materials, announced the creation of its new subsidiary, VeryOne, which is effective since July 1st, 2018. This new company is wholly owned by EURENCO and specialised in Fuel Additives. Its production centre is located in Sorgues (Avignon) with a main commercial office in Massy (south of Paris) and distribution companies in Houston, USA and Canton, China. Pierre-Olivier VIGNAUD, ex director of EURENCO’s Additives business line, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of VeryOne to ensure that this Additives subsidiary is successful.

The Fuel Additives business currently accounts for a third of the EURENCO Group’s turnover. Its brand VeryOne™ is the world leader in 2-EHN diesel fuel additives with market shares representing more than 40% in Europe and North America.


‘This new subsidiary will provide us with the operational needed to meet the challenges of a constantly changing business environment and a highly competitive market.’ said Pierre-Olivier VIGNAUD, CEO of VeryOne.

This development starts with the capture of market shares on fast-growing markets, primarily China. For this, a distribution subsidiary located in Canton was created at the beginning of 2018: Guangzhou YILI Materials Company. VeryOne’s purpose is also to prepare for the future by proposing innovative fuel additives that will increase revenue and sustain the business in the long run.

‘The creation of VeryOne will also facilitate partnerships with other market stakeholders and will accelerate the additives business development in line with the EURENCO Group’s strategy.’ said Dominique GUILLET, CEO of EURENCO.

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VeryOne specialises in the development, production, and sale of products aimed at improving diesel quality. As the world leader in Ethyl-Hexyl Nitrate products (Cetane Improver), VeryOne and its subsidiaries offer the best customer service on the market thanks to their expertise and significant investments in logistics. VeryOne has the largest 2-EHN production capacity in the world (80 000 tonnes per year) on its Sorgues site in the south of France. VeryOne has 8 storage centres in the United States, Asia, and Europe enabling it to deliver a competitive product anywhere in the world to meet customer deadlines.

For more information: www.veryone.com