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2018/12/04 EURENCO presents its latest innovations on Energetic Materials

On December 4th, 2018, EURENCO organized in Avignon the second edition of the « R&D DAY », its very own event dedicated to present its latest innovations to its partners and customers.

During this R&D DAY, numerous projects and innovations that will shape the future of Energetic Materials for Defense, Security, Space and Oil applications, and following EURENCO customers’ needs were presented to more than a hundred guests from the international Energetic Materials community. The day was divided in 4 main sessions and topics focused on the latest developments in Energetic Materials and their applications:

  • Transient, multiphase, multidimensional and reactive computational methods to understand, design and innovate
  • The challenges of innovative processes for new energetic materials: the Eurenco way for the Factory of the Future
  • At the forefront of tomorrow’s Civil, Defence and Space energetic materials: new high-performance, thermostable and insensitive molecules
  • Facing new threats : Advanced development of cutting edge energetic charges for artillery and air-dropped munitions


In a constantly evolving world with new threats, Innovation is at the core of EURENCO strategy. The Group invests important resources (10% of the group’s Defense sales) to ensure that its customers get the cutting edge products they need and deserve. EURENCO also benefits from a large network of partners (labs, universities, private and public research centers) in Europe and worldwide.


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EURENCO is the European leader in Energetic with a full range of propellants, explosives, combustible items and additives for Strategic markets: Defense & Security, Space, Oil & Gas, Fuel Additives. Our explosive filling and propelling charge solutions are customized for the most complex applications: warheads, missiles, bombs, underwater weapons and small, medium and large caliber munitions. More information on www.eurenco.com