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EURENCO organized December 8th, 2016 its first « R&D DAY » in the Paris area to present with its partners and customers the innovations being prepared in its labs and plants.

The event gathered 150 international participants from the Energetic Materials community including System integrators and Small Businesses, Ministries of Defence and Armament agencies.

The projects presented during EURENCO’s R&D Day highlighted the innovation capacity of the group for Strategic markets such as Defense, Security, Space and Oil & Gas. EURENCO is preparing and customizing the technological bricks needed by its customers for their future products and systems. Two presentation sessions highlighted the latest developments in Energetic Materials and their applications:

    • New enhanced performance propellants and explosives for Space & Defence,
    • New products and processes for Civilian & Defense applications,

TKX-50 new explosive molecule (LMU)ADN for Satellite thrusters (ECAPS)
New modular charges plant in Bergerac - 3D view (EURENCO)

Innovation is a core strategy for EURENCO who has just reinforced its R&D investment (>10% of the group’s Defense sales) and dedicated teams in small, medium & large caliber, explosives and explosive fillings, combustible items and propellant charges. EURENCO can also benefit from a large network of partners (labs, universities, private and public research centers) in Europe and worldwide.


EURENCO is the European leader in Energetic Materials with a full range of propellants, explosives, combustible items and additives for strategic markets: Defence & Security, Space, Oil & Gas, Fuel Additives. Our explosive fillings and propelling charges are customized for the most complex applications: warheads, missiles, bombs, underwater weapons, small, medium and large caliber ammunition.

EURENCO is a truly international group located in France (Bergerac, Sorgues), Belgium (Clermont), Sweden (Karlskoga) and USA (Washington DC, Houston).

Press contact: Loïc AUDONNET

01 80 00 22 12   / l.audonnet@eurenco.com