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EURENCO to introduce new propelling solutions for large caliber ammunition at DSEI 2017

After successful firing tests, the new multi base propellants and combustible cartridge cases developed by EURENCO for tank and artillery ammunition are now ready for market launch.

The “NK1404”, EURENCO’s new propellant for 155mm modular artillery charge system, passed with success its second firing tests campaign in August 2016. About 500 modular charges, containing each 2.5kg of NK1404 propellant, were fired at the Bofors Test Center in Sweden at all temperatures and ranges with excellent results. In particular, neither residue at low temperature and no pressure waves at high temperature were observed. Another testing campaign is scheduled late 2017 for final qualification with EURENCO’s modular charges. Series production will begin thereafter. NK1404 is the 1404st propellant being developed by our highly skilled R&D and Production teams in Karlskoga. High quality and performance were the key drivers for its development as well as competitiveness.

The “GB19T”, EURENCO’s new propellant for 120mm APFSDS tank ammunition, passed its second firing test campaign late June 2016 in Bourges (France). EURENCO is now ready for final qualification of this temperature stable propellant also developed in Karlskoga. A new REACH compatible 120mm Combustible Cartridge Case has been developed in parallel by our R&D and Production teams in Bergerac (France). Combining EURENCO’s GB19T propellant and combustible cartridge leads to an high performance propelling solution for modern tank ammunition!

The NK1404 and GB19T propellant developments and tests were launched on company funds by EURENCO in 2015 as part of the “Total Ammunition Large Caliber” (TALC) Propellant project. EURENCO already supplies explosives and combustible items to leading European and international ammunition manufacturers. TALC aims at complementing EURENCO’s existing offer by a range of high performance and competitive large caliber propellants.

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EURENCO is the European leader in Energetic Materials with a full range of propellants, explosives, combustible items and additives for Strategic markets: Defense & Security, Space, Oil & Gas, Fuel Additives. Our explosive filling and propelling charge solutions are customized for the most complex applications: warheads, missiles, bombs, underwater weapons and small, medium and large caliber munitions.