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Defence & Security

With modern and innovative facilities (laboratories, multipurpose units, pilot and automated workshops), EURENCO can rely on its R&D and manufacturing capabilities to provide a largely diversified and tailor-made range of products and services for the Defense & Security market.

A leading European company for military explosives, propellants and combustible items, EURENCO develops and manufactures high explosives and compositions (for main charges, boosters, pyrotechnics, etc.), innovative demolition explosives, advanced combustible items, as well as single, spherical and multi base propellants for all calibre ammunition.

EURENCO also provides a large scope of services in partnership with its customers, including the design and loading of Insensitive Munitions, warhead disposal and retrofit, as well as storage amenities.

EURENCO is a favoured partner of major French and European munitions purveyors (BAE Sytems, DCNS, Finmeccanica, MBDA, Nammo, Nexter, Rheinmetall, Saab, TDA…).