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Fuel additives

EURENCO owns the world’s largest production capacity for Cetane Improver. Also known as 2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate (2-EHN), it is a diesel fuel additive which improves Cetane number, and offers the best performance in the most competitive way.

EURENCO inherited the 2-EHN activity in 2004, when it was created as a Group SNPE subsidiary.

Identifying a growing demand for a nitrated diesel fuel Cetane Improver offering both technical and economical advantages, SNPE began manufacturing Cetane Improver in 1984, in its Sorgues (France) production facility. The Group capitalized on its extensive experience in alcohol nitration, coupled with vast expertise in the manufacturing of explosives, to be able to produce Cetane Improver safely.

In November 2012, EURENCO launched a new brand to promote its 2-EHN solution: VeryOne Cetane Improver.

Today, EURENCO – through its VeryOne Division – is the world leading 2-EHN producer.